Supplier Selection to Improve Hospital Reputation and Profit

February 4, 2016

Healthcare is complex. Healthcare facilities are complex. There are multiple competing pressures from regulatory authorities, people management, clinical requirements and funding pressures. How do we find a supplier to help us with these competing demands?

There are a number of steps that are essential in selecting suppliers that will help to integrate these commercial and clinical factors, rather than managing the factors in isolation. A screening tool that helps is to ensure that suppliers meet these four aims:

  1. Improve quality of care,
  2. Reduce costs of care,
  3. Improve the patient experience, and
  4. Improve the health care provider experience.

Using this screening tool puts us ahead of the game. What are some more specific things to look?

  1. Ensure your supplier will meet with you more than once without obligation, to ensure that your needs are understood and that their product or service matches with your requirements.
  2. Focus on process, not product. The latest technology is often attractive, however it may perpetuate the same problems albeit in a fancier fashion.
  3. Prior to agreeing to using a supplier, ensure that an on-site discovery process and needs assessment has been conducted, involving the staff and areas affected. The supplier should then provide various customised options and feasibility assessments.
  4. The suppliers contract must include a mutually-agreed action plan. This should employ formal project management methodology with frequent consultation and review.
  5. An impact analysis is essential on conclusion of the project to ensure that needs have been met, and to provide learnings to take into the next improvement project.

Please contact Douglas Fahlbusch, founder of Perioperative to see how we can help you. Douglas has been a doctor for over 20 years providing over 15,000 anaesthetics, a hospital advisor for over 10 years with post-graduate management education, and leader of professional organisations. He publishes articles on improving the healthcare experience while reducing risk and cost. He has been recognized with an award for further study in this area, and is writing a book to help senior management transform organisations into healthcare providers and employers of choice, by improving reputation and profit.

Supplier Selection

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