Dr. Douglas Fahlbusch

Dr. Douglas Fahlbusch

I help medium-sized enterprises in the private healthcare sector find their distinct purpose to become preferred providers and employers. We combine clinical and strategic aims to improve risk, cost and culture through workflow improvements.

A common healthcare mistake is to only focus on the clinical/ technical, leaving the user experience to look after itself. Many healthcare enterprises leave value on the table as a result. My experience has shown that improving processes helps to create an excellent healthcare experience for staff, patients and doctors that increases quality, outcomes and budgets. Creating an excellent experience makes your enterprise a preferred provider and employer, improving efficiency, reputation and profit.

My background as a naval officer, specialist doctor, patient and management consultant helps me see areas for improvement every day, including people, processes, logistics and infrastructure. I have published articles on the methods that can be used, received an award for further study and am publishing a book in 2017 – Purpose-Driven Healthcare.

Perioperative Healthcare Consulting uses a Five Step Method to find meaningful improvements:
1. Define your enterprise’s purpose through identity and market positioning;
2. Define workflows and teams to discover where to start;
3. Integrate your purpose with workflow improvement by iteration;
4. Implement continuous staff, patient and clinician feedback; and
5. Support your transformation to a self-teaching enterprise that continues to develop.

Perioperative Healthcare Consulting is known for combining excellent healthcare delivery with robust business processes to help healthcare enterprises adapt – from a transactional, disease-treating mindset to a value-driven process of health optimisation. We strive to ensure that healthcare remains accessible to all.

departments: Anesthesiology
positions: Founder
treatments: Founder
degree: Doctor
office: Wakefield Neurosurgery, Ground Floor, 270 Wakefield Street, Adelaide
workingdays: Monday, Thursday, Saturday