Pilot: Anaesthesia Assessment remote to surgery

February 6, 2013

Private healthcare (in Australia) often offers short lead-times from consulting a surgeon, and being booked for a procedure. Combined with ‘just-in-time’ admission processes, the patient and anaesthetist may not meet until the day – even just before their anaesthesia. This is sub-optimal for medical, consent, emotional and other reasons.

Perioperative Solutions is setting up a trial whereby patients can perform their preanaesthesia assessment at the time of booking for their operation – either in the surgeon’s rooms, or on-line at their convenience.

Important conditions can then be flagged in a timely manner to the anaesthetist, hospital and surgeon to:

  • Minimise delays and/ or cancellations,
  • Optimise preoperative conditions to maximise perioperative outcomes, and
  • Reduce risk and cost in the perioperative process.

Additional benefits include:

  • Decreased time pressure, and
  • Decreased stress

on the day of operation for patient, anaesthetist and perioperative staff through more efficient and informed interactions.

Reducing time pressure also increases energy and enthusiasm … desirable intangible or ‘soft’ benefits for healthcare.

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Reducing risk and cost in perioperative healthcare

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