Medical Administration

  • Front office staff and facilities for consulting and/ or administrative work
  • Back office staff and facilities for scheduling, financial consent, billing, and patient education
  • Staff to manage your online profile, including websites and social media

Existing product offerings for Anaesthetists include:

• 24/7 telephone routing – via a person in office hours, and keypad menu after hours

• Pre-operative screening, liaising with care-givers for risk factor mitigation

• Sessional rooms

• Informed financial consent for anaesthesia

• Electronic diary and scheduling, web-enabled

• Electronic health record registration for patients

• Hospital notification of anaesthesia requirements for each list

• Post-operative nurse-led review of patients at Wakefield Hospital, liaising with ward staff on direction of the anaesthetist to maximise quality and efficiency of care

• Pre-loaded anaesthesia billing, only requiring the anaesthetist to select the billing method and descriptors/ item numbers to be used

• Electronic submission of accounts to Medicare and Health Funds

• Post-operative audit to identify patient concerns and early intervention when required

• Tracking of payments, rejections and bad debtors, including debt collection services


• Online patient screening, with decision-support that integrates best practce guidelines, health factors, local preferences and the operation to make investigation and care recommendations

• Services for other medical practitioners, including surgical assistants

• Liaison with pharmacy suppliers to assist with medication ordering and interaction checking

• Followup recommendations for health risk factors

• Liaison with pathology suppliers to improve availability of results

Current Clients include:


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