‘Larry’ – the Digital Analyst Set to Help Shape Better Healthcare

March 30, 2016

Press Release 30th March 2016

‘Larry’ – the Digital Analyst Set to Help Shape Better Healthcare

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software that helps organisations sell more products and services, and reduce their labour costs and headcount, announced today that it has signed a partnership with healthcare consulting company, Perioperative to provide a more comprehensive, end-to-end solution for healthcare organisations wanting to enable automated analytics, insights and data-driven decisions.

Matt Michalewicz, Managing Director of Complexica, said: ‘ This is an exciting partnership we are embarking on and one of which I hope will make a significant improvement of healthcare for patients, staff and clinicians.

Under the partnership, Complexica will provide its flagship software product – Larry, the Digital Analyst – for automating complex analytical tasks, while Perioperative will provide related specialist healthcare consulting services. Beginning in 2016, Complexica and Perioperative will hold joint events and presentations on how companies and government organisations can leverage automated data analytics to drive improvements in clinical and commercial indicators in healthcare.

Dr Douglas Fahlbusch, Owner and Director of Perioperative, said, “Using ‘Larry’ will be an extremely useful tool for us, as it will be able to suggest the most appropriate and efficient use of healthcare resources.  This will improve healthcare organisation reputations and financial results, reduce risk and cost, and provide a better experience for patients and clinicians”.

Founded in 2013, Perioperative enhances hospital reputations and budgets by integrating clinical and commercial drivers of healthcare. The company is based in Adelaide and consults nationally to the private healthcare sector. Perioperative helps healthcare organisations become healthcare providers of choice to patients, clinicians and employees. For more information, please visit: www.perioperative.com.au


For further details regarding Perioperative, please contact:

Dr Douglas Fahlbusch

+61 (8) 7129 8212 or admin@perioperative.com.au

For Complexica, please contact

Matt Michalewicz

+61 8 7231 1256 or contact@complexica.com

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