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Perioperative provides:

  • Analysis: administrative and clinical, for workflows before, during and after operations, and
  • Tools: such as preoperative screening and education (more below)

The Challenge: Counter increasing healthcare costs, due to demand, ageing and obesity

The Rules: encompass clinical and commercial imperatives

The Players: unique skill-sets, allowing success where others have tried and come up short

The Prize: Safer AND cheaper healthcare

Perioperative Consulting enhances hospital reputations and budgets by improving the patient experience.

I would like to donate a dollar every time a hospital says that they don’t understand how to create an excellent experience for their patients, staff and doctors. Surely, they ask, if we focus on the clinical side the rest will look after itself?

Well, I have found that many hospitals are leaving value on the table. My experience has shown that creating a better connection with people helps to create that excellent experience, increase healthcare quality and make the hospital more successful.

I work with CEOs and senior leaders to make small and medium sized hospitals preferred providers of surgery. As a specialist doctor in anaesthesia with management training and experience I see areas for improvement every day, including the pre-admission process, the hospital stay, and after leaving hospital. I have published articles on the methods that can be used, and received an award for further study in this area.

I typically diagnose three main problems:

1. Hospital profitability is under constant pressure;

2. The hospital experience is compromised because of lost time correcting mistakes; and

3. There is no consistent way for patients, staff and doctors to have input into the healthcare delivery process.

To treat these frustrations I have designed a program that:

1. Enhances the hospital’s reputation and profile in the community and increases referrals;

2. Reduces complications and rework through more efficient processes; and

3. Results in the hospital being a preferred supplier and employer.

I believe that healthcare is in crisis because accessibility is under threat. By combining excellent healthcare delivery with robust business processes we help ensure that Healthcare remains available to all.

I would love to stay in touch to provide you with free ideas for optimising your Healthcare Service – please click on the “Connect” button above, or ‘follow’ Perioperative Solutions. My contact details are listed above if you would like to start a conversation.



Perioperative is a member of the Australian Private Hospitals Association