Perioperative Health Check
Our experts can help you to find your hidden and not-so-hidden areas of cost and risk, and provide suggestions to help manage these. Further benefits include improved relationships with patients, employees, referrers, visiting staff and suppliers.
Connect people, processes and knowledge
Modern healthcare pursues technical excellence - sometimes at the expense of low-tech processes critical to team and individual excellence. Perioperative Solutions helps to restore the balance, to reduce risk and cost.
Reduce risk and cost
Patients, nurses, staff and doctors prefer to interact with one another - rather than machines. Our products provide administrative and clinical support for workflows before, during and after operations. Improved team building improves morale and staff retention, important and overlooked factors in reducing risk and cost.


A methodology for identifying trends, strengths and weaknesses, and a process for improvement. Would you like to recover some of your existing budget?

Advisory Board

Perioperative retains external advisors in areas such as HR, IT, process analysis and strategy.

Web-based Products

Pre-operative screening tools that integrate with your existing processes. Post-operative followup, rehabilitation support and compliance.

Our Services

Perioperative Service Analysis

Advising on Products and Solutions

Project Management of Solutions